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The aim of the AXIS Network mentoring scheme is to allow participants to come together in a supportive way to encourage mutual growth and progression. The role of the mentor is to provide guidance and support to the mentee. The role of the mentee is to take on board and consider the experience and advice that a mentor can offer.

The AXIS Mentoring Scheme offers a unique opportunity to develop strong partnerships across the industry, across disciplines and across seniority levels (age and organisational) as well as welcoming all genders as both mentees and mentors.  The only condition to participation is that mentees and mentors are AXIS members.


It is intended that the mentorship through the Axis programme will last for a period of 6 months.


It is important that both parties are committed and involved during the process. Regular feedback between mentor and mentee will be key to the success of the mentorship.  

What is a mentor?
What is a mentEE?

Mentors and mentees are free to interact in their own ways as they see fit and are encouraged to do so in a manner which will allow each party to get the most from the relationship. However, AXIS suggests that the ‘GROW’ model can be used as a starting point.


For more information on the grow model, visit


Regular contact between participants will be key to the success of the mentor/mentee relationship. Face to face meetings are not essential but are strongly encouraged, especially at the start of the mentorship. It is hoped that parties will arrange to meet a minimum of 4 times during the programme (i.e. once every 6 weeks). Participants are free to meet on a more regularly basis and this is encouraged. If participants are not able to meet on a face to face basis, regular phone, email or other telecoms contact should be established.


Both parties should agree the ‘end point’ of their programme and ensure a positive close out at this stage. Partnerships are at liberty to continue independently after the AXIS 6 month programme if they should so wish.


Feedback from participants is essential to analyse the successes and failures of the scheme and to adapt for future success. We will seek feedback from all mentors and mentees at the half way point to establish how their relationships are progressing; what has worked well; and where there is room for improvement. We will then ask all participants to complete feedback forms at the end of the 6 month programme.


Participants are encouraged to provide feedback to the committee throughout the programme as they feel necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact, especially if there are any concerns or questions.


At AXIS Network, we operate in cohort cycles, and will shortly be announcing the launch of cohort 4 to take placeshortly.  In the meantime, if you are interested in participating either as a mentor or mentee and not already an AXIS Network member, we ask you to sign up as a pre-requiste for the programme and to get the launch material.

You can sign up as an AXIS Network Member here.


If you would like to get in touch with us regarding any other queries regarding the mentoring programme please contact us via email to: with the subject line “Mentoring Scheme”.

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