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Thursday 9 Feb 2023 - what an evening!

Hosted at Johnston Carmichael’s Aberdeen office, this was our first in-person AXIS network mentoring programme kick-off meeting since 2019 (with technology allowing for great interaction with our online attendees). We love the kick-off meetings. They bring people together to network, discuss their hopes for their mentoring partnerships and share some career development aspirations.

Mentoring is a great time for self-reflection, to talk to a sounding board who is outside of your immediate circle, in a safe space. Don’t just take our word for it - here are some of the responses from past mentees and mentors about the benefits:

  • The interaction and the support I received

  • Helping someone who needed someone to listen and for the mentee to talk through their options

  • Valuable to mentor as much to mentee

  • Open, trusted discussions and the feeling that I was truly able to make a difference to my mentee’s day. Very motivating and rewarding

  • Someone outside of my sphere asking why I had the thoughts I had and also encouraging me to try new things

  • Having an independent sounding board

  • Supporting someone to work through their goals

  • Meeting with the mentor & discussing ideas/ approaches

  • Cross peer mentoring, opportunity to put a different lens and focus on business issues from a non-biased perspective

  • A different approach to tackling difficulties with senior leaders

  • Great initial kick-off session with my mentee

  • Learning from someone new

Our mentoring programme is now in its 8th year of running, and we're delighted that cohort 2 will be kicked of H2 2023 - so don’t worry if you missed out this time! You can subscribe to our community via our website to be first in the know when Cohort 2 launches. The programme offers a unique opportunity to all, to develop strong partnerships across industry, across disciplines and across seniority levels (age and organisational) and we receive an average 4+ stars in our annual feedback.

We highly recommend it and look forward to hearing of all the successes at our mid-programme catch up in a few months 😊


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