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Our AXIS Mentoring Programme is now open!

Updated: Jan 11

Are you looking to propel your career or get an independent sounding board to run your ideas past?

Look no further, the OEUK award-nominated AXIS Network mentoring program is now open for applications for the next cohort starting in January 2024. This program offers a unique opportunity for professionals to receive guidance and support from experienced mentors from the industry.

Testimony from previous participants:

“Joining the AXIS mentoring program is the best self-care activity I have undertaken in a long time. Incredible experience”

“ Amazing to have been paired with a mentor who was non-judgmental and helped clear my mind on priorities. The gentle nudge and push provided me with the momentum to achieve my aspirations.”

“Highly recommend the AXIS mentoring program. I have learned so much from my mentor and I was able to step out of my comfort zone.”

“Conversations with my mentee gave me an appreciation of the challenges faced by others and I have been able to make meaningful changes to my organization based on the insight acquired."

What does the AXIS mentoring program offer?

This is a cross-industry unique mentoring program to build connections and strong partnerships that empower the participants during various levels of their careers. Whether you are a young professional just starting out or an experienced individual looking to make a career change, our Cross-Industry Mentoring Program can offer you the support you need through our volunteering mentors. It is well known that in a mentoring partnership, both mentees and mentors learn from each other. The program runs over 6 months and closes out in June 2024, but many partnerships continue independently after the formal program has ended. The only ask is that you are committed to the program and meet a minimum of 4 times during the 6 months schedule.

Ready to sign up?

The scheme is free and the only pre-requisite is that you need to be an AXIS member. Worry not, this is a quick process and will only take a minute. Please email to register your interest and you will be emailed the short application to complete. This will help us understand the ask from the mentee and the offer from the mentor to support the matching process.

Don't let your New Year resolutions remain just words. Take action and put them into practice by joining the AXIS mentoring program. Take advantage of this program to accelerate your professional journey and unlock new opportunities for success. Don't miss out, apply now before the deadline on January 12th, 2024 to be part of the next cohort kick-off!



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