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better balance - better business

© 2018 AXIS Network Aberdeen

Benefits of a Diverse Workforce - Retention & Networking, 20.06.2019

Kindly sponsored by Oceaneering, we were delighted to host our 3rd event of the year at the Sandman Signature Aberdeen hotel.


The AXIS Network joined Director of the Oil and Gas Institute, Professor Paul de Leeuw and Business Analyst Sumin Kim for a fascinating insight into the data behind the UKCS Workforce Dynamics Skills Landscape report. Professor de Leeuw discussed the importance of maximising the talent pool and retaining a diverse workforce with particular focus on the gender disaggregated data from their research and what this tells us about where the industry is in relation to diversity and where we are likely to be by 2025.

This was followed with a panel question and answer session before we move into the second part of our evening where Campbell Urquhart of White Cube Consulting will facilitate speed networking amongst our delegates drawing on our evening’s theme of the benefits of a diverse workforce.

Men as Change Agents 28.03.2019

Recognising that men have a pivotal role to play in changing our industry’s culture, this event focused on the male perspective on gender balance.

Our sponsor Deidre Michie set the scene, making the business case for attracting, retaining and developing talented women to our industry  in the context of Oil and Gas UK’s Vision 2035.  Stuart Payne then shared his aspirations for Inclusion 2.0: making workplaces awesome for everyone, and building line manager competence in critical conversations.   Claire Scott explained why some men are reticent to mentor women in the post #MeToo world, and what organisations and women themselves must do to increase the number of male gender balance advocates.  The theme of becoming an ally was further developed by Neil McCulloch, who highlighted a number of practical things male leaders can do to drive change: intervene when colleagues make sexist remarks; support men taking shared parental leave; take a lead in showcasing our dynamic and innovative industry to the next generation of women engineers.  Our final speaker of the evening, Mike Adams, rejected the notion that success in the 21st century is linked to stereotypical masculine traits, asserting compassion and competition are of equal importance for all leaders, regardless of their gender.  The panel discussion covered a wide range of topics including targets, transparency (gender pay gap reporting), staying humble, hold leaders to a higher standard and role models.  The evening closed with a commitment to action via a pledge card, plus a poll on who should be driving change  - organisations (52%) - government(18%) - younger men(1%8) - all men (10%) - women (2%).

Wood & Axis Network D & I Collaborative Event, 21.02.2019

Our invite only event for energy sector D&I leaders, to come together for a collaboration session so that we could all share best practice and be able to move further forward on our D&I goals in 2019.

Sponsored by WOOD.

The Oil Industry's Best Kept Secret, 02.11.2018

Brunch and book launch, joint event with O&GUK, sponsored by Spirit 

Speed Networking, 20.09.2018

"What I wish I knew earlier" Sponsored by Shell Woodbank

Glass Ceiling or Choice? 07.06.2018

The AXIS Network, which promotes gender balance in the Oil and Gas Industry in Aberdeen, combined forces with ICAS, the professional body for Chartered Accountants, for this thought provoking event. 

Gender Pay Gap - One Year On, 25.04.2018

As the name suggests, this event was a follow on from our 2017 Gender Pay Gap event and analysis what this all means to us, employees and companies!As the name suggests, this event was a follow on from our 2017 Gender Pay Gap event and analysis what this all means to us, employees and companies!

A Man's World, 16.11. 2017

As a gender diversity organisation, AXIS Network are committed to our tag line ‘better balance/ better business’. We recognise that focussing solely on women can be detrimental to achieving a balance and in recognising International Men’s Day on Sunday 19th November, we wanted to bring a male perspective to the discussion – ‘A man’s world’.


Topics included dual parenting, should we stop stereotyping men and let's talk mental health.

Tackling the Gender Pay Gap, 06.04.2017

Discussion on the upcoming requirements of Gender Pay Gap reporting.

Bring a Network to a Network, 24.11.2016

On the 24th November AXIS hosted our final event of 2016 - Bring a Network to a Network!

Networking is a big part of our industry, all industries in fact. What better way to expand your network, make new connections than bring your network to our network!


We were delighted to announce Deirdre Michie, OGUK CEO, as our group sponsor! Deirdre attended our event on Thursday along with our event sponsor Keith Murphy, Operations & Engineering Manager of ENGIE E&P UK Limited. 

This event was the coming together of networks. AXIS joined with some other key networks in Aberdeen for this event to give our members a great opportunity to network with a diverse group of people and hear about their networks.

“Why network? Other than making new friends, there are several other advantages.

You can raise your own professional profile, open up new advice avenues, become aware of potential market opportunities and build new business connections. All of which can result in a higher profile in your chosen sector leading, potentially, to increased market networks.”

Gavin Brown from Speaking with Impact presented on “How to Network Effectively” during the course of the evening which opened our informal networking session.

This event was free to attend, which is something we always strive to achieve for our members.

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