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AXIS Mentoring Scheme, Cohort 2, 2023 - We have lift off!

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

The AXIS mentoring program is a voluntary scheme that offers an opportunity to develop strong partnerships within the industry, across disciplines, and at all levels of career and expertise.

On the 29th June, we kicked off Cohort 2.

The event was an opportunity for the participants to find out more about the program, discuss expectations, and network with fellow members. Many pairs had already got dates in diaries to meet up.

Here are a few of the expectations that our group shared:

“Looking to increase confidence”

“Looking forward to open, honest conversations”

“Going into this with a growth mindset”

And here are a few of our lovely participants:

We will be opening up 2024’s first Cohort in November 2023, so look out for that notification.

Of course, if have any questions about the program in the meantime, please email, using the subject line ‘Mentoring Scheme – Cohort 1, 2024’.

For further details on the program, please see visit our mentoring page on the website visit



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