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AXIS Network and Step Change in Safety partner on Inclusive Offshore Working campaign

Industry bodies AXIS Network, and Step Change in Safety, are partnering to develop guidance for operators and the supply chain on inclusive offshore working practises. AXIS Network, a cross-industry gender balance group, are harnessing the power of their 1200-strong membership, to capture suggestions for improvements in inclusion offshore, noting that their members frequently share stories of items the group term as micro-inequities – issues which are seemingly small, but add up to make groups not in the majority feel ostracised. While the group focuses primarily on gender balance, they note it is “a good place to start” on the journey towards a fully inclusive industry.


AXIS Project Lead Sarah Clark says: “Having worked offshore myself, I am not surprised at the stories shared with us, but I believe this partnership offers us the opportunity to produce some best practice advice for operators which is easy to implement, and can make a real difference to how it feels to go offshore for women. We hope that what we can achieve is a better working environment for everyone and a more engaged and productive workforce.”


Step Change director Steve Rae says, “Our goal is a safer offshore working environment for all, and this extends to mental wellbeing. We share AXIS’ passion for inclusive working environments which I believe allows all of our people to be themselves, and to be fully present at work. It’s in our industry’s best interests to create an inclusive environment where our men and women can do their very best work, and allow us all to do our jobs properly. We are delighted to work with AXIS Network on this.”

As part of this campaign, we aim to:

  • Create a safe and open environment to seek community feedback on experiences of offshore and onsite to allow us to drive change

  • Share good practice from individuals and companies through case studies to catalyse improvement across the Energy Sector

  • Produce guidelines for organisations to efficiently promote inclusivity offshore and on site

  • Work with the supply change to ensure there is adequate consideration for all  personnel working offshore and onsite


Our case studies on Inclusive Offshore Working can be found here.

If you’d be interested in sharing a story, feedback, or suggestions with us, then please contact us at

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