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our vision:
A prosperous and sustainable Aberdeen Energy Industry which has an equal gender balance across all areas of the sector 

Core aims

  • Increase gender diversity in our industry by raising awareness and influencing positive change

  • Implement support to help increase female retention in early, mid and late career paths

  • Connect professionals in the Aberdeen Energy industry (across gender), to foster an environment where everyone can operate at their best.

 Key strategies

  • Engage leaders across the industry to recognise the benefit of diversity and to drive through cultural change

  • Provide a collaborative learning and personal support network, and access to role models

  • Provide access to mentors to support each other and share industry insights and practical career advice

  • Be a source of best practise on issues related to gender diversity information and contacts


  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Courage

  • Respect


​The business case for gender-balance is now well understood, yet the current rate of change is too slow. AXIS Network are passionate about supporting initiatives to drive this change, and do this by leading on the following initiatives:


  • Networking events

  • Mentoring programme

  • Role models

  • Blogs

  • Social media posts

  • Sharing of best practise

  • Contributing to the conversation on gender balance (comments in media, contribution to studies by others)

  • Supporting organisations with their gender/D&I initiatives.


We support the careers of men and women, and will strive for gender-balance through both supporting individuals in their career development, and also through challenging and educating the industry on why change is necessary, and what changes they can make to have the greatest impact.


  • Continue to serve our members by:

    • holding several events throughout the year focusing on key topics,

    • continuing with our mentoring programme matching mentees and mentors across the industry,

    • regularly sharing thought pieces on our website and social media.

  • Continue to support our Pledge Signatories by:

    • ​engaging with them to support their efforts in upholding the pledge,
    • holding several pledge signatory events throughout the year focusing on shared learnings,
    • finalise the Inclusive Offshore Working project and communicate key learnings.​

  • Foster a collaborative spirit by:

    • engaging with similar networks from across the UK, such as POWERful Women and EQUATE,

    • collaborating with other diversity-focussed groups locally, such as AFBE and InterEnergy.

  • Remain the leading gender-balance focus group in the area by continuing to:

    • lead on the above initiatives,

    • raise the profile of the Network to encourage increased membership and buy-in from industry leaders,

    • engage with stakeholders across the sector, including our sponsor.

2021 goals



The AXIS Network is run by a dedicated, enthusiastic and energetic group of volunteers.

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