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AXIS Network Board Update 2020 #5

AXIS members,

Inclusive Offshore Working

This month we are excited to bring you more detail on our inclusive offshore working campaign. First of all, a huge thanks to everyone who has volunteered to be part of the campaign team – they bring a diverse range of experiences and motivations, and we’re grateful to them for their time and commitment. Meet them here! We’re delighted to have heard from so many of you with experiences to share, and would like to request your support with both completing and sharing on our survey – find it here. Your input will help us to produce effective best practice to share with operators across the sector at the end of our project, and we want to make sure that we really enable a shift towards better inclusion for everyone. The survey closes on November 11th. As part of the campaign, we will also be sharing case studies of successful inclusion initiatives – find our first story related to survival suits here.


Our AXIS Mentoring Programme is now in its fourth year. We continue to learn and develop this programme and remain firmly of the view that mentoring can be a magnificent way for people to share the learnings they may have had in the past for the benefit of others in the industry. It is, therefore, with delight whilst we gathered feedback during our mid-cohort review, that we found that great things are indeed happening. Catch up on our recent blog to learn more, and see why both our mentees and mentors are so upbeat about what they are getting from their participation in the AXIS mentoring programme. It just underpins what we had hoped would be the value of mentoring and it’s all down to the generosity and commitment of those on our programme.


As ever, there’s so much going on for us to share with you, so we recommend keeping up to date by following us on LinkedIn. A few resources to draw your attention to this month would be:

  • A recent piece by our chair, Karen Blanc, on Inclusive Leadership, originally featured in the Press & Journal’s Spotlight on Leadership Supplement

  • This piece co-written by our events lead, Susan Grayson, and the OGUK D&I Task Force on being an effective ally

  • 18th October marked World Menopause Day, intended to break the taboo around talking about menopause. The CIPD has some fantastic resources available for leaders and people managers which we’d recommend

  • This upcoming leadership webinar, hosted by AFBE on November 4th, featuring guest speaker Dr. Ambily Banerjee, discussing both her career journey, and actions for individuals to take to ensure equity for all.

Our next update will be our end of year message, though AXIS pledge signatories can expect to hear from us before then, for more on how you are progressing against the pledge commitments!

Take care

AXIS Network

_______________________ Sent on behalf of AXIS Network

AXIS Network Board Karen Blanc (Chair), Erica Kinmond (Vice Chair), Sarah Clark (Secretary), Susan Gordon, Susan Grayson, Eva Hagan, Wigdan Hamour, Katy Hardacre, Jenny Junnier, Caroline Lawford, Padraig McCloskey, Denis Pinto, Julie-Ann Whyte

AXIS Network Sponsor Deirdre Michie, OGUK

Better Balance, Better Business



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