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CLOSED - Axis Network - Are you interested in getting involved?

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Hello all members

We are looking for up to four men or women to join our committee, and we want to hear from YOU! If you are motivated to make a real difference to gender balance in the Energy sector in the Aberdeen area, and would like to join our committee, please get in touch. Absolutely no experience is necessary, just a willingness to get involved, and maybe to teach yourself on-the-job! Your personality and enthusiasm are much more important to us than your qualifications. We are currently recruiting owners for the following areas:

Media advice & relations

Corporate members programme

Branding & social media

Thought leadership & Fundraising

You will join a diverse, established committee of 15 people from across the sector, all motivated to make a difference in gender balance for the benefit of all. You will work with the chair to define your role and develop an action plan for your area of responsibility, and you will report back on progress, and contribute to meaningful discussion around AXIS areas of focus, at monthly committee meetings.

We are a voluntary committee, and it is anticipated that you will commit around 4+ hours/month (suggested max 12) to AXIS activities, on top of attending committee meetings (early evening, first Wednesday of each month). We can accommodate most life situations, and have welcomed many babies and children at AXIS meetings!

To apply, please send an email to, containing the word “Application” in the subject, with a short written response (max 500 words total) to the below questions.

Why are you interested in joining the AXIS Network committee? What would you bring to the role? Can you confirm that you are able to commit to spending 4+ hours/month on AXIS activities, including attendance at most committee meetings?Is there a particular area of responsibility you are drawn to, or are you open to discussing this?

We can’t wait to hear from you, please do get in touch, or feel free to nominate anyone else who you think would be great for the role!

Closing date for applications, Friday 22th February, though early applications are encouraged.



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