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#WFH during the coronavirus pandemic - committee reflections - Eva Hagan

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

During the UK lockdown to limit the spread of coronavirus, we hear from the committee in a series of blog reflections. This week, Eva Hagan (role models and events) shares how she's getting on in our new norm with a young family, and how she's doing her best to find the positives.

Day 267 (or so it feels at times) in the Hagan Lockdown House.... but we are OK.

I'll be honest, the first few weeks I really struggled with lockdown. I'm in the fortunate position that my husband is at home with our daughters (turning 3 and 5 this month) so I don't have the huge burden of childcare closing. I'm normally out of the house before 8am and not home until 5.30pm at the earliest. I've usually got at least one breakfast or evening event each week too and I'm grateful that our home arrangement has made this possible.

Working from home was something I tended not to do, I didn't have a home office and I generally got less interruptions at work (it also allowed me to enjoy a trip to the toilet alone, and a warm cup of tea!). Day 1 at home I naively set my laptop up on dining room table and thought I could get a full day's work done - WRONG!

Day 2 I joined a queue outside IKEA waiting for it to open so I could buy a desk (dressing table so I can move to my bedroom after, this lockdown is only going to be for a week or two right?) and a matching chair (beautiful transparent chair that will look good in our bedroom). I got my new work station setup in the front room and declared it a 'child free room' while mum was working. Unsurprisingly this, nor the beautiful chair worked out. By week two I was in agony with sore back and a feeling of failure.

I was putting too much pressure on myself to be 'online' and fully productive while the world around me, and my family had completely changed.

The end of week two I took a day off, I was exhausted. I thankfully managed to get to see my chiropractor and spent some time thinking about how I can make this work for me, and my family. Here's what I came up with:

• I got a desk chair, and thankfully was able to collect my second monitor from my office that I had subconsciously became quite attached too!

• I made a point of taking a lunch break, not just 20 mins but a full hour or more! We go a walk as a family and eat lunch together. I enjoy spending quality time in the fresh air as a family.

• I started wearing my work dresses (which I love) instead of loungewear which really helped with my mindset.

• I put less pressure on myself and worried less if the girls did gate crash a meeting. Everyone is in a similar position at present. My eldest has now spoken to colleagues on several offshore assets!

• I started listening to music in the background, if a good song comes on I get up a dance! The girls come and join in and it's a great way to get step count up.

As a result the weeks are going by so much quicker and I'm actually enjoying WFH now.

When we do embrace the new 'norm' I hope to continue with some of the learnings from the last few months. I do miss the social aspect of my office and my role, but I've loved getting to see more of my family and look forward to combing the two more going forward.


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