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AXIS Network Board Update 2020 #3

AXIS members,

I’ll open this month by saying, AXIS Network stands against racism in all its forms. While our focus is gender equality, we are committed to the work required to listen to the experiences of everyone, and to learn and understand the ways in which we must deconstruct ingrained societal bias in order to create parity for all genders, for all races.

As your organisation considers whether it is doing enough to support black and minority ethnic women, we’d encourage you to refer to EQUATE Scotland’s Women in STEM: An Intersectional Analysis of Multiple Discriminations, published last month.

It’s been almost 2 months since we last wrote, and in that time we have found our feet in terms of (just about…) balancing our new normal, and we hope you’ll find that we’ve been hard at work to make sure we keep gender balance on the agenda as the industry begins to tentatively prepare to emerge from lockdown. To that end, we were proud to co-sign the Keep Gender on the Agenda Charter, alongside WISE, and 20 other organisations, encouraging organisations not to lose sight of the actions required to support gender equality at work. We’ll be sending this on to our Pledge signatories, and focus on gender balance in our new future is something we will be focussing on in the coming months.

We’ve also been working to keep in touch with you, holding our first virtual event, kicking off mentoring cohort 4, and sharing the committee’s lockdown blogs.  Our first event was a small affair to allow us to test the technology, so look out for something more regular coming soon. We continue to share daily news and best practise via LinkedIn, notably including Powerful Women’s annual board stats, released last week.

Finally, I’m delighted to be able to announce our Inclusive Offshore Working Campaign, in partnership with Step Change in Safety, where we aim to collate and share industry best practice in making offshore working more inclusive and safer for all. If you have a story of positive change to share - or just an issue you’d like to see included in the campaign – then please get in touch, we’d be keen to hear from you.

Kind regards,

AXIS Network


Issued on behalf of AXIS Network

AXIS Network Board Karen Blanc (Chair), Erica Kinmond (Vice Chair), Sarah Clark (Secretary), Susan Gordon, Susan Grayson, Eva Hagan, Wigdan Hamour, Katy Hardacre, Jenny Junnier, Caroline Lawford, Padraig McCloskey, Denis Pinto, Julie-Ann Whyte

AXIS Network Sponsor Deirdre Michie, OGUK



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