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CLOSED - We're changing how we do things around here...Applications close 17th March

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

As a group, we're small in size but mighty in what we produce.

As our aspirations grow, it's become clear that we need to change up how we operate, and that's where you come in! Currently, our committee is small, and we want to build sub-committees underneath to help us deliver on our goals.

We often get lots of interest in supporting AXIS, but there is apprehension to take on a full committee role due to time commitment. After running a successful sub-committee pilot with our mentoring team we've decided to adopt the approach wider and give people an opportunity to support on an ad-hoc basis, bite-sizing the asks down so that it's easily manageable in the day-to-day.

We are hiring for the support in mentoring, events, content generation and our pledge. You can support one or all - it's entirely up to you & your capacity! We do ask that you commit to at least one activity per year for each group that you support. To register your interest, please apply here. Closing date is 17th March.

Mentoring support - individuals will help us set-up and run our 2 per annum cohorts. Initial work is always at the start of our cohort launch. It involves marketing, pairing, and launching. Then we go to maintain phase which is ad-hoc check-ins, and the mid-way check-in. Then we close. We have run this programme for a number of years, so we have an efficient timeline to make all our lives easier!

Events support - we are known for our great events, in-person and virtually. We need support with getting our ideas off the ground as well as on the day support. It's a lot of work for one person alone, so we want to create the events dream team!

Content generation support - have you always wanted to try your hand at writing? Or perhaps you already do? This is a great avenue to share thought leadership pieces with our members. Not a writer yourself, but perhaps well connected? We are always looking for guest bloggers and role models to share motivation, experience and best practice.

Pledge support - our pledge team are revising how we engage with our pledge signatories, and how we can help them to shift the dial. As we're refreshing our support, this is a great opportunity to shape this initiatives to give maximum benefit to our signatories in a sustainable manner.



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