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The Power of Networking - November Event

On 16th November AXIS hosted its final event of 2023, a networking event which was sponsored & hosted by Stork & facilitated by white cube consultancy.

Once the informal networking had started Campbell from White Cube Consultancy began the session by running through the power of networking & Hints and tips for both in person and LinkedIn networking.

Some tips include:

  1. Prepare ahead - Confidence comes from being prepared, before attending an event you need to consider what your networking purpose is for that event, this will allow you to appropriately prepare your elevator pitch and who you will aim to network with.

  2. Name memorising - We all get a little red in the face when we are speaking to someone and didn’t actually take in what their name was. When introduced to someone try to repeat their name in the initial conversation to help it stick, or ask a question to help you memorise it (is that Katherine with a K?)

  3. Ask for help - if you want to make a new connection sometimes it can be better to be introduced by a colleague who may already know them, or the host of the event as opposed to approaching someone cold.

  4. Be active on Linked in, ideally post once a week, this will increase your presence online and potentially allow you to be seen by a new useful connection.

As we all know networking is done better by doing, so after listening to some advice the group got up & began two networking activities to improve their confidence and practice some of the new tips given. One activity included a mix of speed dating & strip the willow where individuals got 1 minute to ask guests to a partner & vice versa before moving along to the next partner.

In today's world networking is a necessity and can lead to more business opportunities & broadening your knowledge. We hope everyone enjoyed the event and AXIS can’t wait to bring you more events for 2024.



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