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Guidelines launched to help build more inclusive workplaces offshore

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Recognising the important role inclusion plays in any workplace in terms of productivity, engagement and mental health, AXIS in partnership with Step Change in Safety, led a comprehensive pan-industry project to better understand the experiences of people working offshore.

The inclusion guidelines, based on a number of good practises curated by the project team, are one of a number of resources developed by the group and cover everything from helping prepare people mobilising offshore for the first time, to guidance on providing female fit PEP and survival suits.

Sarah Clark, Project Lead, “While our industry has taken big steps to improve gender balance, this hasn't yet translated offshore, with women only making up 3% of the workforce. Some of this is due to the talent pipeline, but we understood from our members that it is also to do with the perception that the working environment is not welcoming. With the industry embarking on the energy transition, employers must be attractive to future talent, and that requires a different, more inclusive approach. We can benefit from a wider range of experience and viewpoints by expanding our workforce to be representative."

Caroline Lawford, Project Team Member, “We took a unique D&I viewpoint, surveying offshore workers and investigating ways to address their concerns. We are grateful to the organisations who shared their practical solutions, enabling the project to collate resources for people and companies to improve inclusion offshore.”

Aimie Clark, Step Change in Safety’s Programme Delivery Co-ordinator and AXIS Focal point said: “Step Change in Safety was delighted to partner with AXIS for this project. We believe that it gave us an opportunity to reinforce the need for industry to recognise that “one size” does not fit all when it comes to emergency preparedness training, offshore induction, offshore welfare and PPE.

“It’s in our industry’s best interests to create an inclusive environment where every member of the workforce has access to safety training, equipment and PPE that enables them to do their very best work.”

These materials, which can be found at, provide practical advice and quick wins for employers and leaders working offshore which can help build a more inclusive culture, a key factor in people’s experience of their working environment.



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