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Book Review: Little People, Big Dreams: Ruth Bader Ginsburg by M.I.S. Vegara and J. Orosz

Who should read it: This book is an inspirational story for kids.

Why they should read it: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a driving force for equality in the United States. She faced a lot of resistance during her education and career, yet still achieved the highest position in the U.S legal system. This demonstrates to our children not only the importance of equality, but the power of self-belief, as Ruth’s story clearly demonstrates how you can achieve things even when others doubt you.

Little People, Big Dreams is a series of books, with each book telling the story of an inspirational person. The books give our younger generation positive role models to look up to and tells the story of how one person can make a difference.

The book on Ruth Bader Ginsburg acts as a mini biography, taking us from her early childhood through to her obtaining her position on the Supreme Court. We hear of the discrimination Ruth faced throughout her life, both as a woman and as a mother, giving an introduction into gender bias, an important topic as it still has an impact on society today.

Yet we are shown how it can be done differently, with the reflection on Ruth’s time in

Sweden, where gender equality was more advanced the country supported women in developing their talents and careers, whilst raising children. We see images of men playing with the children outside as the women talk and this no doubt strengthened Ruth’s resolve in making changes for gender equality.

Children’s books have the opportunity to reflect all facets of diversity and that includes

gender roles. Enabling children to see women working and achieving through all kinds of professions and lifestyle choices helps them to understand the diversity of real women and Ruth Bader Ginsburg is certainly an inspirational example of that. Stories have the power to undo the narrow definition of perceived traits and characteristics ascribed to men and women. Showing girls what is possible and showing boys women participating as equals alongside men.

Reading books where we can see the men hold the babies, playing with the children, cooking in the kitchen as the woman drives her career as books we need our children to see if we want them to believe, women can have careers and men can look after the kids.

Vegara, M.I.S. and Orosz, J. (2021) Ruth Bader Ginsburg. London, England: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books (Little People, Big Dreams).



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