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AXIS Network are always keen to identify and showcase ROLE MODELS working within the energy industry. We aim to promote awareness of success stories so others may be inspired to follow a similar path.

We hope the initiative will:

  • Inspire and build confidence

  • Break down stereotypes

  • Help to share practical ideas, experience, learning and best practice for the benefit of both organisations and individuals


We are all role models!


If you would like to be featured, or would like to nominate a friend or colleague, please get in touch

Young Business Woman

AXIS members can access the Role Models in different ways.  It may be through reading their story in a blog or profile, hearing their story at an event, talking to them directly at an event or having them as a mentor.


We seek to continually develop our role models initiative so we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

  • Do you know of any other role model schemes that may offer us insights or ideas?

  • Do you have an idea for an event where we can showcase role models?

  • Do you know a role model we should reach out to?

  • Would you like to get involved yourself?



Please drop us an email to

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